• derpy

    ...Well, that happened fast! It's still kind of hard to believe we've gotten this far, but thanks to you guys here we are! And since coming here every day and commenting and sending us awesome content all the time wasn't enough, [insert number here] of you also took the time to help us celebrate this awesomest of all possible milestones (pending 40 million) with some very cool images and comics.

    A scientific panel of three blogponies has gone through all your entries and selected three as our very favorites, because there must be winners. But that doesn't mean we appreciate the others any less! It's not all about being the most talented pony in the world, just about taking the time to try something. And now the time for being sappy has come to an end! Check below the page break to find the winners! And check below that to see everypony who entered!

    3) By Atlur (30 million pageviews, all the way across the sky)

    7) By D Hooves (this is getting added to my desktop cycle)

    12) By Geoff K (I have nothing clever to add to this. Please enjoy staring)

    14) By Holy Sparks (click the image to go to the actual comic. Then, marvel at it!)

    15) By irontiger (I think there's a few more than that by this point...)

    18) By Karzahnii (so good, Seth stole it for the banner!)

    32) Sakyuamon (I have nothing to say but 'woah')

    33) By Sefling (by the way, if we ever get an office building, that's going to be the slogan we put on it)

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