• City Island (2009)

    Another movie I thought would be lame when I first saw it; but just like with books, you can't judge a movie by it's DVD box.  City Island was one of the few drama movies that really keeps the story flowing.

    The film is all about the convoluted, lie-filled lives of the Rizzos.  Every single family member has a massive secret that no one else knows about.   The daughter is a professional stripper, the dad goes to acting lessons under the guise of playing poker games; and everyone secretly smokes whenever no one else is looking.  When the father discovers that a new in-mate at the jail he works at is his 24 year old son from a wife he ran away from years ago, everything spirals into complete and utter chaos. 

    The movie is primarily drama, but the director did such a good job with pacing it really keeps the ball rolling.  Every 10 minutes another twist or lie is built up or knocked down.  It really is a fascinating look at how quickly lies can overwhelm even a small group of people.  Usually this genre of movie throws a disappointing ending at you, but City Island ends it with a nuclear explosion of theatrics.

    I usually prefer action or sci-fi, but this was definitely worth the watch.  The complex story combined with the really well done characters and crazy web of intrigue should entertain just about anyone.

    City Island earns a 3/5 for an interesting somewhat unique storyline.  

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