• Gattaca (1997)

     I didn't even know this movie existed until a few weeks ago.  It was a dry spell for new releases and I was bored, so I hit that mess of an action section everyone in the store avoids.  I am really glad I did!

    Gattaca takes place in the future, where humans seem to have finally wiped out the army of conservatives crying that genetic engineering is "playing god".  They have done such a good job of it, that pretty much every baby is born engineered to perfection.  Of course there are still those that follow the "old ways", and want a natural birth.  They are also condemning their child to a life of mediocrity and uselessness.  These children become the janitors and sewer cleaners of the future (though they may just have robots do that, I didn't see any robots though).

    However, one natural born decides to fight back against the system.  He dons a fake identity and sneaks into the Gattaca corporation, on a personal mission to head to space to study one of Saturns moons.  As someone who isn't "perfect", he spends every waking moment making sure he isn't leaving any stray DNA around.  The movie is littered with twists and all sorts of good drama (even though we have it in the action section for some reason). 

    So if you are looking for an awesome movie that has tons of neat futuristic crime solving and identity faking, this is the perfect movie.  It isn't often a good science fiction movie is released, but every once in a while you dig up a gem like this.

    Gattaca earns a 4/5 for awesome setting and great story.

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