• Legion (2010)

    How do you make a movie about demons and the end of the world suck?  Legion sets out on a crusade to answer this very question! Very little of this movie has any redeeming qualities.  I really wanted to like it.  The premise is just so awesome... but it's almost like the producers wanted me to hate it.

    Legion is primarily focused on a diner in the middle of the desert.  Here we meet all sorts of terrible characters that want nothing more than to tarnish the movies already awful image.  But why stop there?  Lets throw in a demonic grandmother who spider-crawls up walls and bites people! And lets make the melee combat scenes as obnoxious as possible, with the camera bouncing all over the place. Useless dialogue you say?  Every scene must have at least 10 minutes of this! 

    This movie is just terrible.  I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.

    Legion gets a 2/5 for somehow making the apocalypse boring.

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