• Repo Men (2010)

    I have wanted to rent this one for a few weeks, but we only got 3 Blu-ray versions in and I refuse to watch new sci-fi movies without Blu-ray.  I actually didn't even know it was a sci-fi movie until a few customers started talking about it, and I'm glad they did.  The cover makes it look like your generic action movie...which I'm pretty sick of after seeing so many.

    Repo Men takes place up there in the future where we have unlocked the secrets of manufacturing organs.  Everything from hearts to vocal chords can be rebuilt and inserted as fully functioning copies. However, everything is not so perfect in futureville.  The organs are controlled by a corporation that wants nothing more than to see you fail at your payments so they can send out the hounds.  The organs themselves are worth more than what most people make in their lives.  This is where the Repo Men come in.

    The movie is pretty gory, so those with a weak stomach may want to avoid it.  The Repo Men are far from careful when it comes to removing their merchandise.  Those that aren't put off by people being cut open alive will most likely find something to enjoy here.  The story and plot are both really well done, and the action sequences keep you on your toes.  Medical greed is the real bad guy here, and I think everyone can relate to that.  It's also one of those movies that throws a massive "WTF?" ending at you.

    So if you want a good action/sci-fi movie in an excellent setting, Repo Men is definitely worth the pickup; but if watching the Discovery Health channel gives you nightmares, then avoid it like the plague!

    Repo Men earns a 3/5  for being a good mindless action movie. 

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