• 2010: Moby Dick

    Asylum, the illustrious creators of movies like "Titanic II" and "Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus" is at it again in this remake of the classic tale of Ahab vs the great white whale Moby Dick.  Yes, that is in fact a modern day ship on the movie poster.  But this is not Ahabs vessel...  Asylum isn't known for modesty in it's films.  Journey into the depths with a custom built whale-hunting military grade nuclear submarine! Now THAT is entertainment!

    The story is your typical Moby Dick tale with a modern spin.  Ahab was in his 20's when Moby decided to make a meal out of his submarine and kill the rest of the crew.  He escapes with one less leg and a serious grudge against the poor whale.  Fast forward 40 years and Ahab is the captain of his very own military submarine.  Unfortunately, his sanity has taken a pretty serious beating in his old age, and being the genius that he is, he takes off with the 2 billion dollar sub, kidnaps a marine biologist (who talks to whales), and sets out with his loyal crew on a revenge mission of epic proportions.

    This movie is completely ridiculous, but after watching several Asylum films, I'm pretty sure this is the goal of the company. It comes across as a stab at the old jaws movies, borrowing heavily from their dramatic underwater tension and corny looking monster fish.  Moby Dick himself seems to defy gravity as he skims across the top of the water and jumps over islands.  From an entertainment perspective, the movie does seem to drag on at points.  The characters are pretty unlikable and shallow, but for it's budget is isn't completely horrible.

    I probably wouldn't outright suggest it to anyone, but if you are in the mood for a jaws-like monster movie this one should do SOMETHING for you. 

    2010: Moby Dick earns a 2/5 for demonstrating how useless funky looking spear guns are on mountain size whales.

    Release Dates
    Blockbuster: November 23, 2010
    Red Box: None

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