• Altitude (2010)

    So about 2 weeks ago I was rummaging around on blockbuster online, when I ran into this in the new release section.  It definitely wasn't something we carried in store, so I went ahead and ordered it.  The description promised a supernatural airplane thriller, which seems like a long stretch.  I like to give the low budget disaster style movies a chance.  Every once in a while you hit some really low karat gold and after around 300 swings, you dig up something like this; freakin diamonds. 

    Altitude's story is too difficult to explain without ruining it.  I went into this movie knowing almost nothing about it, and I think that is the best way to experience it.  Every 30 minutes it seems to borrow from a new genre, from horror, to suspense, to drama, action, mystery, sci-fi, you name it.  The general premise is a group of college students embarking on a plane ride with their inexperienced pilot friend, and accidentally flying into what appears to be storm clouds due to a malfunction in the planes flaps. Not too exciting sounding eh?  Well shit goes crazy. 

    You will probably enter the movie expecting plane trouble and obnoxious drunk college kids, but don't let its initial appearance deceive you.  The film combines all sorts of awesome movie/tv series conventions from over the years, from "Cloverfield" style monster mystery,  to "Heroes" comic book prophecy.  The acting can be a little bit off sometimes, and it probably could have lead up to the ending twist a bit better, but overall everything flows perfectly into an awesome supernatural style roller-coaster ride. 

    Of course, once again, Imdb believes the exact opposite.  Maybe I'm just into weird movies?

    Altitude gets a 4/5 for making motherfucking Cloverfield on a motherfucking plane actually work.  (but completely evicting the snakes)

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