• Countdown to Zero (2010)

    I haven't had much time lately for movies, but I did manage to rent and watch this after that whole Korean artillery strike thing that went on a few days ago.  This is actually a documentary, not a movie, so I am not really sure how I should go about reviewing it.  It was still a really interesting watch.

    You can probably guess from the cover art that this is a movie about nukes, and because of this, also involves lots of TERRORISM.  I am pretty tired of the word after so many years of constantly seeing it in the media, but I suppose it can't be ignored!  Most of the film involves things like how many nukes each nation has, and how many of said WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION are...missing.  Yes missing, somehow, our trusted governmental leaders have somehow managed to lose quite a few of these world ending, million dollar explosive devices. 

    Luckily is doesn't focus on scaring you like some of the other TERRORISM documentaries have in the past,  it's primary goal is informing the viewer.  As with most films these days, it has to stick with the laws of Hollywood on some aspects and focus on entertainment, so I'm sure some of the information is hyped up and overdone, but I am way too lazy to go research it.  Overall it was interesting to watch, and definitely something to check out if you like these types of movies. 

    Countdown to Zero gets a 4/5 for making TERRORISM fun.

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