• Grown Ups (2010)

    It has been a while since I've seen an Adam Sandler movie.  They definitely tend to bank on the fart/poop/boob jokes quite a bit. This movie is no exception.  There is more flatulence here than a senior center during bean burrito night.  Luckily that isn't the only convention it uses for humor. 

    Grown Ups is about a group of adults who all chose different paths in life.  You have the stay at home dad (Chris Rock), the Multi-millionaire (Adam Sandler), the slacker/womanizer (David Spade),  the crazy hippy vegan (Rob Schneider), and the co-owner to a lawn furniture company (Kevin James), whatever that is supposed to be .  The 5 friends all have a common ground in a small suburban City where their basketball coach and idol, "Buzzer" dies of old age.  Adam Sandler rents out a lake house and they spend the weekend being kids again. 

    The movie doesn't have a novel quality story.  The clashing lifestyles and personal attacks are the primary focus here, which is a lot more entertaining than I expected.  Don't pick it up expecting a life-changing experience. It's here to entertain, and in that it does a great job.  If you aren't a fan of past Adam Sandler movies, then I can't really recommend it to you. It follows the exact same formula.   For everyone else, it's a hilarious movie that most people will probably find something to enjoy in. 

    Grown Ups gets a 4/5 for making reunions sound less awful.

    Release Dates
    Blockbuster: November. 9
    Red Box: November. 9

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