• Lottery Ticket (2010)

    My least favorite part of pretty much every movie is the inevitable downfall after the main character(s) hit their climax of success.  Just that feeling of everything crumbling down is uncomfortable.  I have seen a few movies that completely skip this aspect, and to be completely honest, I don't miss it at all.  This movie does the EXACT OPPOSITE. 

    You can probably guess from the title that the main character (Kevin Carson) wins the lottery. Unfortunately, he finds out that the prize claim office is closed for the holidays.  This is where that dramatic tension comes into play... for the rest of the movie.  See, Kevin isn't the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to... well anything.  What better way to wait out the weekend than to take a 100,000 dollar loan from a nearby crime boss and blow it all in a day while he waits? 

    This movie is swimming in African American stereotypes.  Normally it wouldn't bug me too much.  I have found plenty to enjoy in this style of humor in the past, but this one is just ridiculous.  Kevin's greatest ambition is sports shoes.  He has a closet full of them.  His friends are your typical gangster wannabes, who greet people by waving handguns around while throwing all sorts of obnoxious insults.  Martin Luther King would be turning over in his grave from just 10 minutes of this nonsense. 

    It has some funny parts, but I can't really recommend it to anyone, including blacks; I'd be afraid that they would take it as an insult.  If you want a African American style comedy movie, go with the Chris Rock remake of "Death At A Funeral" instead.  This one is just garbage. 

    Lottery Ticket gets a 1/5 for attempting to destroy 100 years of Civil Rights. 

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