• A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

    Hollywood sure does to butcher classics.  Luckily, I never watched any of the old Nightmare on Elm Street movies, so they can't crap all over my memories with their green screen shenanigans! I know it's a bit late for a horror movie, but I couldn't rent this one until now.

    A Nightmare on Elm Street is about a group of teenagers who find themselves haunted by a batshit crazy sadist in their dreams.  Unfortunately for them, these dreams are quite deadly, killing off the majority of them.  It works sort of like a mystery solving movie, where the group is trying to find out why this zombie looking guy has such a  bloodthirsty vendetta against them.  This is something it does well, and the story is definitely intriguing with all sorts of twists. 

    I have heard countless times that this movie is nowhere near as good as the old ones, so I will most likely be renting them next (if they ever come back, Halloween wiped out the more popular horror movie section).  As a standalone movie, I thought it was mildly enjoyable.  It's not going to blow you away with amazing horror sequences or acting that would make Morgan Freeman jealous; it's just....average.  Freddy just isn't all that scary.  Maybe it's because he has been so overused over the years. 

    A Nightmare on Elm Street gets a 3/5 for failing to give me any nightmares. 

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