• Predators (2010)

    I've always been a fan of the Predator movies.  Like most classics, the last few "revamps" have been less than amazing.  I think this is more due to nostalgia than anything though.  I sometimes wonder what would have happened if these newer Alien and Predator movies were actually released years ago.  Maybe it was just due to the technology back then, and the fact that these days we are much more desensitized to it.  If I go back and watch the old ones, there really isn't THAT big a difference.  They were still somewhat mindless action movies.  But they did it first right?  So I guess that instantly makes them superior to anything we released in the digital age.

    Predators has a very straightforward story, almost too much so...  They literally just drop the cookie cutter action star team onto an alien planet and say go for it.  If you have seen any Predator movies in the past, you can probably guess why they were dropped there.  It's a game preserve and they are the game...exciting.

    If you pick this movie up for some mindless action, it won't disappoint.  That's pretty much it though!  The characters are your typical hardcore badasses who throw logic out the window in favor of going it alone since all the cool people fly solo.  Even the comedy relief death row inmate is forgettable. 

    There aren't a huge amount of straight up action movies anymore, and I can see why.  After watching a few of them, they all sort of blend together.  This one doesn't try to separate itself at all.  It does it's job well, but doesn't bring anything new to the table. 

    Predators gets a 3/5 for making my entire first paragraph pointless.

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