• The Sorcerers Apprentice

    Whats with all the apprentice style movies coming out lately?  We had that "Vampires Apprentice" one a while back (which I hated) followed by "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief", and we can't forget "Eragon".  There seems to be a trend in movies lately that focus on the training of fledgling magic users.  Maybe everyone just wants to bank on the fumes of Harry Potter as it blows its last load on the two part of the final book (which is the worst book that totally doesn't need two movies).

    This one plays out almost exactly like all the others.  It's your typical highschool/college kid discovers/becomes a wizard/demi-god/vampire, followed by training for whatever archtype he happens to fit into in those categories (in this case its college/becomes/wizard).  Throw an ancient evil/rogue sorcerer into the mix who wants nothing more than to see this kid fail, and a love interest, and you pretty much have your story!

    This isn't a bad movie by any means.  It is just so beyond similar to the armada of other recent movies that follow the exact same formula.  The special effects are decent and it should keep you entertained, but you definitely won't find anything new here.  If you liked the other 10 movies of this style,  then you will most likely find something to enjoy here too. 

    Sorcerers apprentice gets 3/5

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