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    Gamers can now game on with EqD's very own gaming index! The purpose of this list is to provide a centralized resource for gaming pony fans who are looking for guilds, pony games, modifications and more for their pony gaming purposes. What can you contribute to the index? This is mainly what we are looking for.
    • Guilds/clans/teams from all sorts of games
    • Pony modifications for non-pony games
    • Server information for Minecraft, Starbound, Terraria and other such games.
    • Information on pony games (My Little Investigations, Minty's Fresh Adventure, ect)
    • Short Flash Games
    • Tabletop pony game information
    If you'd like to contribute to the index, please send your emails to submit@equestriadaily.com with Gaming: Whatever it is you're sending in as the header and we'll file it. For more detailed pony gaming news please visit Equestria Gaming. Help keep this list clean by reporting dead links As most of these are not hosted by us and may in the future change, we cannot take responsibility for problems or damage caused by downloads of these sources. Please report problems so we can remove malicious links. Updated: 5/20/2014 Updates are on hold as we revamp the page! Stay tuned!

    Pony Games ----------------------------- Adventures in Equica: Unicorn Quest

    A pony based RPG being developed for Android and other mobile platforms by the one man team at Yotes Games.

    It's an RPG 1st coming to Android with Daily Blog Updates.
    That way people can see what it's like making a game from start to finish.

    The Playlist of Development Videos shows how far Unicorn Quest has come and a new one is made every time there's something new and interesting to see. The game is still in development and the planned release date is December 2014.
    Canterlot Siege 2
    Strategy/Tower Defense
    Now available on Android and iOS. Your standard tower defense game now with ponies!
    ----------------------------- Fallout: Equestria
    RPG Based on the Fallout series and the popular Fallout: Equestria fanfic, Fallout: Equestria is developed by The Overmare Studios from the ground up! Still in development, but showing promise. Developer Website ----------------------------- Fighting is Magic: Tribute Edition
    Fighting Unofficial completion of the old Mane6 Fighting is Magic Game. Still being developed. EqD Game Info Page ----------------------------- Legends of Equestria
    Pony MMO Be a pony and have adventures in Equestria with a bunch of your friends. Still in development, but is quickly coming along. Usually has free server weekends. Legends of Equestria ----------------------------- The Luna Games
    The Luna Games are brought back into the spotlight. Luna 1 was quite the experience for this site back in April, 2011...and they should come back to remind us of the crazy things we can create in this fanbase.
    So go ahead and pull pranks on your friends! 
    ----------------------------- My Little Investigations
    Adventure game Very similar in style to the Ace Attorney games as well as the Edgeworth Investigations games. Original artwork, music, story, and voice acting it's a gem worth checking out. My Little Investigations -----------------------------
    Mega Pony
    An excellent built from the ground up version of Mega Man in pony form! Break into Discord's Fortress and stop his evil plans.
    Mega Pony Trailer ----------------------------- My Little Karaoke
    Singing Sing along to songs from the show or community songs with My Little Karaoke! My Little Karaoke ----------------------------- My Little Pony Magic Shards
    Bullethell A simple bullethell game starring Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. My Little Pony Magic Shards -----------------------------
    Strategy/Tower Defense/Minecrafty
    An odd mix of Tower Defense as well as Minecraft and Terraria.
    Nightfall -----------------------------
    Order of Twilight
    Guide Twilight through the environment using a unique set of spells that you input through your keyboard.
    Pony Platforming Project
    Platforming games The pony platforming project is here to bring you the best in pony platform gaming! With a number of games already under their belt they were the creators of the incredibly popular Minty Fresh Adventure. Minuette vs Tardiness Minty Fresh Adventure Fresh Minty Adventure ----------------------------- PonyTerra
    Original pony game that combines Terraria and Minecraft into one big pony creation. Still in development. PonyTerra Thread
    Ponyvania: Order of Equestria
    Based on the popular Castlevania game series, Ponyvania is a game in development hoping to bring the same kind of action to ponies.
    Questria: Princess Destiny
    Based on the popular Princess Maker games, Questria uses humanized characters based on ponies from the show. Currently in development.
    Raycord Legends
    Based on the Rayman series of games, play as Discord in this platformer currently under development.
    Story of the Blanks
    Probably the first original pony game, Story of the Blanks tells the story of Apple Bloom who has wandered into the bright little town of Sunnyville. But all is not what it seems...
    Our way of thinking shapes the world around us. It defines what it should look like, how it should work, and how it falls apart. The world we don’t see, the world only chosen ones can perceive, is the alternative world in which harmony guarantees the stability of all existence.
    But sometimes somepony gets there by mistake, and if you don’t have anyone to get you out of there, there is no chance of getting back.
    The Underworld's Cello
    Point and Click Adventure
    Based on a number of classic adventure games such as Uninvited, Deja Vu, and Shadowgate. Join Octavia on a spine tingling adventure. Currently in development.
    ----------------------------- Wounded: An MLP Text Adventure
    Text Adventure A text based adventure based around the FiM universe! Great for fans of old style adventure games (Zork, Kings Quest, ect) Game Thread

    Modifications/ROM Hacks
    ----------------------------- VVVVV 
    Modification ponifies the game. PPPPPPonies Mod
    Age of Empires 2 HD Mods
    Modifications for Age of Empires 2 HD on Steam currently include a download to change the intro movie and a download that adds around 500 pony quotes to the game.
    Alpha Centauri Mods
    Mods in Alpha Centauri are a lot like the Civilization mods: pony factions, leaders, ect Alpha Centauri Pony Mod
    Amnesia: The Dark Descent Mods
    Current mods for Amnesia include a download that lets you play as the mane 6 in the game with pony sounds, height, and other modifications made for realism. Mane 6 Mod ----------------------------- Angry Birds Mods
    Modifications of Angry Birds at the moment consist of a Google Chrome and Firefox mod that changes characters in the base game to ponies! Angry Ponies Mod ----------------------------- Baldur's Gate Mods
    Play as the mane 6 with customized portraits, voices, and classes for Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale!  Mane 6 Modification ----------------------------- Beat Hazard Mods
    Beat Hazard Ultra, Shadow Operations DLC required

    This photo seizure inducing space arcade shooter creates waves of enemies according to your music!
    For many years Super Pony Beat was the only way to bring Pony into the game -although enough fun already, the recently released Shadow operations DLC offers the ability to bring even more Pony right to the action as you are able to create your very own strobing, lazer packed Pony Space Ships. The community came up with a huge variety of pony ships, ranging from Rainbow over Derpy and many others to the Great and Powerful strobing Trixie. A few of the many possible ships in the hangar are given here as an example:

    RD: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=250589975&searchtext=
    Cloudsdale Juggernout: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=250945556&searchtext=
    Derpy: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=250939329&searchtext=
    Trixie: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=251235866&searchtext=
    Pinkie: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=252432089&searchtext=
    Twi: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=250744161&searchtext=

    Here is a short gameplay Video -seizure warning!!!:

    Join the fun, play your music, create and play your pony ship!
    ----------------------------- Cave Story Mods

    Relive the wonder of Cave Story with ponies as you dive into these sprite and text replacements mods for the game. Play as either Lyra, Derpy, or Berry Punch. Another modification for Cave Story switches up a little more than the Lyra, Derpy, and Berry Punch mods. Includes sprite switches for many other characters other than the main hero.
    Civilization Mods
    Various Civilization mods that enable pony factions to be played in game with custom art, special units, and more. Civilization 4 -Equestrian Empire: Download Civilization 5
    -Ponification: Download
    -Equestria: Download
    -New Lunar Republic: Download
    -The Great and Conquering Trixie: Download
    -Princess of Friendship (Brave New World Only): Download
    -Chaoticus Draconequus: Download
    -Changeling Empire: Download -----------------------------
    Daring Do vs the Everfree
    A modification of the popular Pitfall! Atari game from back in the day. Can be played in a browser or by downloading the ROM on the webpage. Daring Do! vs the Everfree ----------------------------- Don't Starve Mods
    Current mods allow you to add Equestria Girls AJ to the game. EqG AJ Mod ----------------------------- DOTA
    Mods for DOTA 2 primarily consist of portrait and icon changes. Portrait and Icon Mod ----------------------------- Dwarf Fortress
    Play as MLP ponies while you try to not get them killed or drown in lava. Different pony types are available as well as different names for items and more! Pony Mod -----------------------------
    A ROM hack that drastically alters the original version of Earthbound into a pony filled bonanza! Follow Dinky and the CMC as they fight to conquer a nightmare filled world. Filled with silly dialogue that fits both ponies and the spirit of the original Earthbound game!
    Don't know how to patch a ROM? Get the already patched ROM below!
    ----------------------------- Europa Universalis 
    Play as pony nations in this modification for Europa! Pony Nations Mod -----------------------------
    Final Fantasy 6 Mods
    A ROM hack of the popular Final Fantasy 6 for the SNES. Replaces character and monster sprites, rewrites the script, AI rewrites for multiple bosses and some scenes have been changed or rewritten.
    ----------------------------- Garry's Mod Mods
    Add ponies to your Gmod experience! Look at all the fun they are having! The Original Mane 6 Pony NPCs ----------------------------- Game Icon Modifcations
    Ponified Game Icons for a variety of different games. Game Icons from FancyCat -----------------------------
    Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past
    Basically Link to the Past, but Link has been replaced with Derpy! Sprite Page with Download
    Minecraft Mods
    Modifications for Minecraft primarily deal with the popular pony mod. Play as your OC or as a pony from the show! LoECraft adds pony RPG elements to the game and much, much more. Mine Little Pony
    Link to LoECraft's Website: http://www.loecraft.com
    Link to LoECraft's Public Source:   https://bitbucket.org/Tekner/loecraftpack/src
    ----------------------------- Portal 2 Mods
    Modifications for Portal 2 include a mod that customizes your portal gun to one of the colors of the mane 6. Portal Gun Mod ----------------------------- Skyrim Mods
    The various mods for Skyrim include armor, weapons, horse mods, and more.
    -Armor is Magic: Download
    -Weapons are Magic: Download
    -Pony Horse Mod: Download
    -Mare in the Moon: Download
    -Twilicane: Download
    -FiM Shields: Download ----------------------------- Sonic Robo Blast 2 Mods
    Play as ponies in Sonic Robo Blast 2! Pony Mod Pinkie Mod Demo Vid ----------------------------- Starbound Mods
    Mods for Starbound the inclusion of pony races you can play as in the game. Ponex Download - Anthro ponies Pony Download - Normal ponies Huge Mod Pack ----------------------------- StepMania Mods
    Mods that add pony based music and gameplay to StepMania. TrotMania Packs -----------------------------
    Super Hexagon
    A ponified version of the puzzle game Super Hexagon! Magic Hexagon Website -----------------------------
    Super Fluttershy Land 2
    One of the oldest ROM hacks around, Super Fluttershy Land 2 replaces Mario with Fluttershy! Gameplay Video Download
    Tabletop Simulator
    Modification that lets you play the MLP:CCG on Tabletop Simulator found on Steam! Download Page
    Team Fortress 2 Mods
    Modification list for all things Team Fortress 2 related:
    My Little Pony Team Fortress 2 Mods: Huge website that features as many MLP related mods you can think of. No longer updates, but has tons of content. TF2 Class Skins: A number of skins for various classes
    Terraria Mods
    Modifications for Terraria primarily concern a mod that lets you play as ponies, fight pony themed enemies, items and more. Terraria Pony Mod ----------------------------- Victoria 2 Mods
    Modifications add Equestria as a playable nation.  Equestria in Victoria II ----------------------------- WarCraft 3 Mods
    Current mods allow for you to play as ponies! Equestria Chronicles: Rise of Nightmare Moon ----------------------------- World of Tanks Mods
    Skins, custom models and more to make your World of Tanks experience as pony as possible. MLP Overhaul Package ----------------------------- Worms Mods
    Current mods for Worms include a pony quote pack for Worms Reloaded. Pony Quotes

    Pony Servers/Guilds/Clans ----------------------------- All Inclusive Guilds

    Equestria Royal Guard
    The Equestria Royal Guard is an English speaking international online gaming community based on the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic franchise. We are recruiting mature members over the age of eighteen, with all interests and backgrounds.

    First and foremost we are gamers, but among our numbers we also have artists, musicians, writers, and roleplayers. The EQRG has a presence in a number of games, and we are always open to new suggestions.

    At this time, the following games (in alphabetical order) are considered our primary focus: MechWarrior Online, PlanetSide 2, Star Citizen, and War Thunder.

    We are a large and varied group, with members active all over the world, ranging from US/Canada to England, Germany, Australia and Russia. We do our best to welcome new members and be inclusive. With over 400 registered members, you are almost certain to find someone you connect with. Most of our activity takes place on our TeamSpeak server, and even if you don’t have a microphone you can hop on and use the built in text function of the service to talk with us.

    We Offer:

    Weekly and Seasonal Events

    In-Game Tournaments between friendly clans A highly active website with forums and live text chat for our members Talented artists willing to do commissioned work and requests Both forum RPs and pen and paper RPs, such as Ponytech and Pathfinder Plenty of gamers playing a number of games. Don’t fight the enemy alone! Active Moderators & Officers High Quality Voice Server (TeamSpeak 3) If you are interested in joining us, head on over to our TeamSpeak and introduce yourself, or submit an application through our website. Please remember that active participation during the recruitment process is required for acceptance.

    AdventureQuest Worlds Guilds ----------------------------- The New Lunar Republic

    Battlefield Platoons/Servers
    BronyField Platoon/Server
    Hello dear Bronies! Welcome to the official Bronyfield Platoon! First of all: This is an open platoon, everypony is allowed to join. We want to make Events on our Server like Tournaments or something. Currently we have a 70-Slot Server on PCThis Server is sponsored by Stegaaa and the LimitBreaker.eu Clan. psst.. we're also Bronies btw ;). Feel free to join and have fun with us! URL: http://derpy.me/7xagt [derpy.me]  If you need any help or have a problem just ask for it in this platoon or add Stegaaa. You can Mail us too: support@LimitBreaker.eu || Admins on the PC-Server:(LB)Stegaaa, (LB)Kosi || Our "Brony Community Manager is (LB)Cloni. He'll try to help everypony aswell..  and don't forget: LOVE AND TOLERANCE GUYS! Platoon Page

    Grand Theft Auto Crews ----------------------------- GTA V Crew - Lunar Sovereignty ----------------------------- GTA V Crew - A Dash of Rainbow
    People can join freely without a request or invite to the clan.
    This is for Xbox 360.
    For more information please contact:
    - Xbox 360 account: Rainbowdash1150

    League of Legends Guilds ----------------------------- ABronyClan  I would like to announce that I will be making a League of Legends clan for bronys. The name of the clan will be ABronyClan, and if you would like to join please message me via email or league message
    League Tag: PhoenixFireE3

    Minecraft Servers Mine Little Crafty Hey there, I'm the owner of Mine Little Crafty and I'm here to submit some info about our Minecraft server! I actually just threw together a brand new trailer earlier today as well:


    What we have to offer:
    - Canon Equestria map full of city replications that are both staff and player built as well as a Fanon continent for player-created cities to go onto!
    - Large Freebuild world that is meant for casual construction and survival gameplay
    - An Amplified Factions world open to anyone to create and run their own Faction! PvP based, and hard difficulty survival for players who enjoy a challenge!
    - Survival Games on an MLP:FiM themed arena! Fully automated and available around the clock, players can join and fight whenever they'd like!

    We're open to people of all kinds and hope to continue to establish a friendly community that can welcome in interests from all over! Feel free to ask any questions if and when they arise!

    Mine Little Crafty IP: mc.SquareHorse.com
    Our website: SquareHorse.com
    ----------------------------- Brohoof.com Server

    Brohoof is a Minecraft server that takes pride in making everything the highest-quality it can be.
    From our famous full-scale replica(s) of Equestria, to the survival/RP Equestria: Colonizations adventure, there’s something here for everyone. Talented builders are welcome to build in our showcase worlds, and less-talented ones can still build what they like and RP in the expansive freebuild areas.
    server ip: mc.brohoof.com
    ----------------------------- BronyGamers Servers We are a newly formed gaming community (Made December 2013) And we have been getting alot of attention and new members daily! I find this to be the chance to take our community and website to the next level. We would feel honored to be apart of your gaming index and would feel supported.
    PonyMC Servers
    PonyMC is a collection of various Minecraft servers in the My Little Pony Theme. We strive to provide our players with a fun and unique Minecraft experience. We're proud of our wonderful, creative, friendly community and will continue to improve upon the servers in any way possible. Site: https://ponymc.com Server Address: play.ponymc.com Current Public Servers: (http://ponymc.com/play) - [survival_17] A standard Survival server supplemented by many different classes of canon creatures from the MLP show. - [equestria] The Equestria server is a special server dedicated to the accurate reconstruction of canon Equestria and requires a build-test prior to getting build permissions. Players are free to use the server to RP without a test. Server History: https://ponymc.com/kb/articles/history All our servers are supplemented by an extensive logging and statistics system, which feeds into our "Pony Points" system. https://ponymc.com/players The Pony Points can be earned by playing in-game, and can be used to buy special perks.
    Ponycraft Servers
    Ponycraft is a Minecraft Server with a lighthearted friendly community of players that wish to enjoy Minecraft and the theme of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
    We run a hybrid server offering both survival and role play game play.


    • Play as a pony, interacting with others like you’d see on the show, our map is for pony role play, tame the wild lands with your friends and fellow ponies, and even help us build Equestria!
    • Choose a class to play as. Do you like the magical unicorns, the high flying pegasus or the hard working earth ponies? Ponies from each class get their own class abilities!
    • Play as your own pony persona, for your own personal story! Both role play and out of character (OOC) chat channels are available!
    • Server wide events like those from the show; Winter wrap-up, Grand Galloping Gala and more!
    • Discover Equestria and the towns you know from the show!
    • Explore the beautiful, dangerous, blocky landscape.
    • Join with others to build a town, or strike out on your own if you think you can handle it.
    • Form parties to explore ravines, abandoned mine-shafts, dungeons and strongholds filled with dangerous creatures!
    • And more that you’d expect from Minecraft!
    Website ----------------------------- ShiftClick Gaming Server The minecraft server is the pony section for the ShiftClick Gaming community. The server is a towny server, soon to be a full out pony RPG setup. We also have a teamspeak server, which you can connect using the same ip address as the server.

    Server Ip address:

    Server website (Currently under development)

    SMITE Clans ----------------------------- The Equestrian Gank Squad  I have a clan called "EQGS" (The Equestrian Gank Squad).  They can email me directly to join and there are no restrictions to entry, all are welcome.  The clan wouldnt neccessarily do things as a unit but act as a hub( haha get it: a Hub) for all the people looking for other bronies to connect and play with. Email: Jared4k@comcast.net

    Star Trek Online Clans ----------------------------- Guardians of Equestria Website

    Team Fortress 2 Servers ----------------------------- Pony Fortress 2 Servers  We host several Team Fortress 2 servers and a website community who play not only on those servers but many different games as well. Pony Fortress 2 Website

    Warframe Guilds ----------------------------- Cutie Mark Crusaders
    Tier : Moon (in Warframe terms, this means it has a maximum of 1000 members)
    Activity : Could use some work, given it's only 20-50 at any given time with 100-ish a day.
    Clan Founder : LadyScootaloo

    Forum page : http://derpy.me/CMCwf  (links to warframe forums)
    Clan Theme : Casual/Social.

    Tabletop Gaming -----------------------------
    Complete Games --
    D20 Based: Courage is Magic (1.166) (Very Heavily Modified D&D4 based) Heroes of Equestria (D&D-ish) Pony Tales: Aspirations of Harmony (d20 meets Final Fantasy style)
    Unknown Ponies: Failure is Awesome (based on the Unknown Armies RPG) Ponyfinder (based on the Pathfinder RPG system)
    D6 Based: Pony Tales the RPG (Open d6 based) Ponies & Parasprites, Season Two (D6 total based) My Little Pony: Roleplaying is Magic, Season Three (New Season Three Mechanics! Uses 2 or 3 D6, earlier editions used D20) And Rater202's Capricorn race for RiM Second Edition My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, The Roleplaying Game (Older game using a D6 dice pool) A different My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, The Role-Playing Game (2D6 based, meant to be run for younger players) Puzzles and Ponies (Simple 1d6 game)
    D10 based: Sereg's Pony RPG (D10 dice pool)
    D100 (percentile dice) based: Fallout: Equestria PNP Fallout: Equestria RPG Older, different Fallout:Equestria RPG
    Multiple die type based: Ponies: The Roleplaying Game
    Playing card based: Friendship is Magic, the Tabletop RPG (GitP forum)
    Horse Apples (An Apples to Apples modification) MLP FiM UNO (A ponification of UNO)
    Suppliments for existing systems --
    Ponies for D&D 4e Pony Races for Pathfinder Ponyfinder thread on Paizo forum Dungeons & Dragons: Friendship is Magic (Ponies for D&D 3.5) Pony Races for D&D 3.5 (GitP forum) Ponies! My Little Pony: D20 adaptation The Conversion Bureau (uses Microlite 20) The Savage World of My Little Pony (uses Savage Worlds) My Little Pony meets Exalted tumblr NightmareRun by Digo Dragon (uses Shadowrun 4e) Friendship is FATE v2 (uses FATE Accelerated) The Mane Six for FATE Accelerated (RPGnet forum) MLP:FiM for Burning Engine/Mouse Guard (Discussion on RPGnet) Unknown Ponies: Failure is Awesome (uses Unknown Armies) Don't Rest Your Hooves (uses Don't Rest Your Head) Don't Hate Your Friends (Don't Rest Your Head hack, RPGnet forum) My Little Legend (uses the Legend RPG from Rule of Cool RPGs) Ponies for Oz (uses Adventures in Oz: Fantasy Roleplaying Beyond the Yellow Brick Road) Ponyfinder.net (Forum for the Ponyfinder fans)

    Twitter: Calpain

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here