Thanks for all the support guys! This blog is really kicking ass so far!

    I'll be making some changes over the next day or so that should make it easier.

    • Changing the rating scale to 1-5 instead of 1-10.  There is no difference between a 3 and a 5 on the 10 scale.  
    • More hyperlinks/color coding everywhere
    • Testing a reply button to the comments section (Why this isn't default with blogger I will never understand...) give it a whirl, the coding is pretty ghetto.
    • Setting up a side page to select movie by picture.  Movie titles are usually pretty vague, so its useless to just list them with text. 
    • Removing some nonsense adspace, and deleting adbrite altogeather.  I don't like ads anyway.  
    • Adding Youtube trailers to each review. (though if this slows the site down at all, it's not happening. I hate all these laggy ass blogger blogs)
    • New banner.  I get to screw around with photoshop for this.  The current one is a placeholder.
    • Same with the background. 
    • Hell yah Breloom
    If anyone has any suggestions, let me know! And thanks again! This blog wouldn't be here without you!

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