• Date Night (2010)

    I usually don't like chick flicks.  Sappy romance isn't really my favorite form of entertainment. Every once in a while though, a good one pops up. I saw Steve Carell on the cover of this one and thought I'd give it a shot, and discovered it's not actually a chick flick at all!

    Date Night is about an average couple, living the boring mundane life of marriage.  In an attempt to spice things up a bit, they decide to throw caution to the wind and go out on a date in the big city; and what better way to do that than steal another parties reservation at one of the most prestigious restaurants in the state? From then on the movie is a roller-coaster of wrong-place at the wrong-time situations, turning what would have been another routine date night into complete chaos. 

    I wouldn't call the movie "rolls on the floor laughing" funny, but it has it's own form of comedy that still does a great job of keeping you engaged.  From what people tell me at work, married couples really find something to relate to.

    So if you want a fast paced, near-chick flick style comedy movie, this is great one to check out.

    Date Night earns a 3/5

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