• Frozen (2010)

    Every once in a while, I like to pick up some obscure movie we only recieved a few of.  These movies are always a huge gamble.  Sometimes you hit gold, other times you pick up something so ridiculously stupid, that the disc would have been better off with 10,000 free hours of AoL on it.  Fortunately, Frozen can easily be sorted into former.

    90% of the movie takes place on a chair lift dangling 50 feet off the ground.  Now logic would tell pretty much anyone that a movie like that can't possibly be worth watching; but Frozen finds a way.  The general premise is three cocky young adults who cheat their way into one final ride up the mountain.  Half way up, the chair is shut down due to some confusion at the lift station, and the admiral employees head home.  It also just so happens that the ski resort is open only during the weekend, and it's Sunday night!

    Frozen pulls off some serious thrills, borrowing on such strategies as a wild pack of hungry wolves to a massive frost bite inducing snow storm.  Due to some excellent acting combined with very little CGI and absolutely no Green-screen, the movie really does pull this off without looking corny at all.  There are some parts that will make your stomach do a triple back-flip, as legs are shattered and our brave adventurers are devoured alive.  It is definitely not a movie for the feint of heart.

    If you are into thriller style horror movies that scare via realism as opposed to ghosts and demons, this is one that really can't be ignored.  It's low budget, but manages to pull of some amazing things with such a simple set. I think I have a new fear of chair lifts after viewing it. 

    Frozen gets a 3/5 for making a good amount of high budget thriller/horror movies look awful.

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