• Get Him to the Greek (2010)

    This is another movie I really had no clue about.  I almost didn't bother with it at all, but decided to throw caution to the wind and am really glad I did. This is one of those "Alcohol humor" movies, very similar to The Hangover and Hot Tub Time Machine.  Once again, everyone's favorite beverage causes all sorts of trouble. 

    Get Him to the Greek is about Aaron Green, a lowly talent scout working for a complete psycho of a boss.  Unhappy with how the current trend of music is playing out, he decides to speak up during a company meeting about his plans on resurrecting a legendary rock star (and his musical idol) Aldous Snow, who tanked his career by releasing the single most racist music video in the history of rock.  After flying out to live out his dream of assisting Aldous with his comeback,  he discovers that his favorite musician has almost no interest in returning to work.

    Overall, you might look at that story and think this is a serious business movie; but throw alcohol and drugs into that summary, and suddenly the movie explodes with humor.  If you saw The Hangover, or Superbad, then you probably already know what to expect here.  Aaron is constantly thrown into horrible situations throughout the whole movie.  Some of the scenes are so ridiculous, even someone trying their hardest not to laugh will likely find themselves cracking up.  Some of the comedy is pretty subtle though, making it difficult to tell if the movie is trying to be funny at some points.

    Get Him to the Greek is an excellent option for anyone who even slightly enjoyed some of the other young-adult comedies released in the last few years.  It even pulls off a pretty compelling storyline, which isn't something these movies usually bring to the table.  You will find a bit less humor than The Hangover, but it's still an awesome choice for a night of good laughs.

    Get Him to the Greek grabs a 4/5 for being a solid comedy with a good story.

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