• Ip Man (2008)

    I always loved kung fu movies, but when I saw this box and read the caption "Mentor of Iconic Legend, Bruce Lee" I was beyond skeptical.  I threw it in expecting to laugh at horrible dubs and cheesy combat.  I really had no hopes at all!  The title didn't help much either.  Holy crap was I wrong...

    This movie blew me out of the water.  Everything about it is just..epic.  It doesn't pull that ridiculous crouching tiger hidden dragon floaty crap, but at the same time the kung fu is just over the top.  You really feel the power behind every move Grandmaster Ip Man makes.  But on top of amazing fight choreography, the story is actually really well done, which is exceedingly rare in a this style of movie.   The director, Wilson Yip, did a perfect job of balancing action with drama. 

    I am not a professional when it comes to Chinese history, but I'm pretty sure the movie throws all sorts of twists into it.  It does a good job of sticking to the setting regardless though.  You feel sorry for the poor Chinese as Japan ransacks their way of life and throws them into low paying mining jobs.  It gave me a new kind of respect for what these people went through, and even more respect for the grandmaster himself.

    It definitely ranks up there with some of the best movies of the genre.  If you want some awesome action and a twist on the classic Jackie Chan/Bruce Lee formula, this is the perfect movie for you.

    Ip Man deserves its 5/5 for being the best kung fu movie I have seen in years.

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