• Book of Eli (2010)

    It's not very often that a good post apocalyptic film shows up.  After having to deal with crap like The Road,  it's refreshing to see a quality one like Book of Eli. 

    The movie takes place in the year 2042, and something unmentioned has managed to completely decimate the world.  Eli is crossing the wasteland on a religious journey to deliver one of the last remaining bibles to someone way over on the west coast.  Along the way he runs into gangs, madmen, starvation, and all sorts of other nastyness. A man named Carnegie, the leader of a small settlement of brigands and thieves, discovers what Eli is carrying, and lets lose the hounds.  This leads to some awesome action sequences.  Eli must have been trained by Les Stroud himself, because even after being shot, he still manages to find a way to continue.

    Fans of the Fallout series will feel at home here.  The director really did an awesome job of portraying the wasteland as a horrifically dangrous place where only the most powerful or silver-tonged survive.  Merchants hold each other at gunpoint, and seemingly innocent captives are almost always a trap in disguise.  The action sequences are very well done, but a bit sparse.  The movie can be slow at times, but for the most part these sections do a great job of further detailing the world.    

    At the end of the day, we receive a solid post-apocalyptic action movie that bleeds production quality and crazy presentation all over the place.

    Book of Eli earns a 4/5 for its awesome world, and making Legion look like it came from Kazakhstan.

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