• The Losers (2010)

    I have seen so many of these gunfight style action movies. I usually don't even bother anymore. There is also this new trend of "choose a comic and make a movie out of it" that we keep seeing so much of lately.  Some have been good, others are ridiculous. The Losers is another one to add to the good pile.  It doesn't do a huge amount to set itself apart, but it is still a great ride. 

    The plot is your typical revenge story.  Five special forces soldiers are tasked with a mission in the heart of Borneo.  A kink is thrown into their master plan however, when they discover a group of children being hustled into the camp that they had just recently painted for an air strike.   You can probably guess what happens from here if you have ever seen an action movie before.  Needless to say, the soldiers are now ex-soldiers and their new mission is to take out the guy who refused to cancel the strike. 

    The characters are well done, but you won't see anything new here.  You have the tech geek/comedy relief, the hardass black dude, the silent and ridiculously skilled sniper, the chivalrous leader who's only fault is caring too much, and the love interest that said leader falls for. Top it off with an evil villain who's idea for world piece is micro black holes, and you have yourself all the makings of an action movie! This isn't really a bad thing.  Hundreds of great action movies have followed this formula and been completely successful, and The Losers does a great job of it.  Just don't expect anything new.

    Overall, it's a solid movie with some excellent fight scenes, and more explosions than a day in the life of an Iraqi insurgent.  It should do a great job of entertaining you until (insert action movie #300,000) comes out.

    Losers earns a 3/5

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