• Pirate Radio (2009)

    Working at Blockbuster, I get a lot of customer suggestions.  There are movies I never would have bothered with otherwise.  This just happens to be one of those that was way under my radar.  I never really got into the old school rock music scene, so I threw it in the player thinking I'd get bored.  Amazingly that wasn't the case.

    The movie takes place during the 60's in Europe, where the government preferred simple Jazz tunes while a revolution was taking place in the rock music scene.   A group of rebellious music enthusiasts has a ship set up outside of the boarders broadcasting music that wouldn't be allowed normally.  The station is a huge success, and the boat is essentially a 24 hour party for everyone involved.

    I wouldn't call it a "roaring" comedy like the movie poster says, but it still has some good humor.  The characters are probably the best part of the movie.  Each is interesting and stylized in their own way, and they keep the plot flowing.  And for those that are into classic rock, the soundtrack is filled with it.

    Critics  seemed to focus on the fact that it is lacking in historic accuracy, which is true, but If you look past that, Pirate Radio is an excellent movie that will entertain even those not familiar with the history of Rock and Roll.

    Pirate radio and it's quirky humor earn a 4/5

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