• Robin Hood (2010)

    I skipped this one in the theater, primarily because people said it was awful. I picked it up hoping it was another Prince of Persia, but sadly ended up disappointed. The critics didn't like it much either, and for once... I finally agree with them. 

    The story is obvious.  If you have ever seen a Robin Hood movie, than you probably already know everything that will happen in this one.  Asshole king goes on a taxes rampage and Ex-royal archer Robin Longstride sets out with his band of vigilantes to help the poor people of England.  There are some variations to the classic tale, but for the most part it sticks to the same formula.

    This movie falls on it's face when it comes to pacing.  There is action, but between each entertaining scene is a Grand Canyon sized crevice of boring.  There are a few parts that pull that whole "feel good" thing, when Robin goes all out with the chivalry and honor, but for the most part they don't make up for the constant and useless blabbering.

    This isn't one I would recommend for anyone looking for action; and it looks like the professional film critics who get a hard-on from The Pianist didn't find anything "deep" and "emotional" in the talking scenes. So if you come from either spectrum, I can't really recommend it.  If you really need your Robin Hood fix, stick with the furry Disney one or any of the good classic ones. 

    For being almost impossible to sit the full 2 hours through, Robin hood gets a whopping 2/5

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