• Unthinkable (2010)

    I was bombarded with previews for this movie every single shift, and eventually was able to rent it.  I expected an action movie, but instead got a sort of psychological thriller style movie.  For those who have a weak stomach, this one will probably be something to avoid.

    The plot is pretty simple.  A terrorist has placed bombs in three populated US cities.  Hooray for more movies banking on Islamic terrorists right?  Well as always, a special unpublicized division of the government is called in to "extract" information from the new worst enemy of the United States.  BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY !!!1111!ONE

    Unthinkable delves deep into the subject of torture and what is allowed when millions of lives are at stake.  Suddenly water boarding looks tame, as Samuel L. Jackson employs various methods of data mining on his new favorite subject.

    The movie has some interesting twists and lots of ups and downs, but for the most part takes part in a single room with a few scenes of helicopters rushing around sniffing out bombs.  It's a good movie, but for anyone who has anything against torture, or others looking for action, it probably won't be one to rent.  For those into cheap suspense and thrills, this wasn't a bad movie at all.

    Unthinkable Earns a 3/5 for being slightly ridiculous but still being a good movie.

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