• The Chosen One (2010)

    I heard horror stories about this one for over a month.  It has been hailed as the worst movie in the store, which is huge when we have over 10,000 movies.  The majority of people I talk to say they don't make it past the 30 minute mark!  I took this as a challenge!

    "The Chosen One" is about a car salesman who absolutely hates his life.  His wife left him, his job is boring, and his family constantly berates him for everything he does.  The movie starts off with him attempting to burn down his house, and eventually trying to hang himself.  Fortunately for Paul, he fails, and out of nowhere a group of technologically inept holy men from Colombia are knocking at his door calling him The Chosen One.

    Now normally this would elicit some comedy, which is what the movie was trying to aim for.  I am not sure how you screw up the plot of  "crazy hippies who haven't been out of their cave in a thousand years suddenly finding themselves in the modern world", but somehow they did just that.  There are so many missed opportunities here!  It really falls flat on it's face.  The movie was just straight up boring, everything about it was unfunny.  It also manages to look awful presentation-wise;  it looks like someone filmed it with a 20 dollar VHS camcorder than converted it over to DVD with free software found on download.com.

    I wouldn't say it's the worst movie on the planet, but it definitely wasn't something I would ever recommend.  Even fans of Rob Schneider (all 10 of them) would probably scoff that this poor excuse for a movie. 

    The Chosen One gets a 1/5 for making fun of the technologically illiterate but using 10 year old filming equipment itself. 

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