• Jonah Hex (2010)

    I have said it before.. I am not huge on westerns.  I didn't realize it was yet another comic book movie until the "bonus" comic version on the disc popped up.  I honestly skipped it and went right for the movie... never was one for comics. If it can't entertain me without its obscure DC license, then it shouldn't have been made in the first place!  Luckily, Jonah Hex turned out to be a pretty impressive action movie. 

    The story is probably the weakest part of the movie.  It follows the same formula as every other revenge action movie; father watches his family killed in front of him and pledges his undying loyalty to an endless goal of revenge against the guy that did it.  Unfortunately for Jonah, his mark decides to (supposedly) get himself killed, so the depressed cowboy becomes a hardcore bounty hunter who completely ignores the law and ends up with a nice bounty on his own head. 

    After finding out from the military that the man he hunted for 10 years actually faked his death, and that he is running around with a city destroying super weapon with a target for the capital of the USA, Jonah finally finds a new meaning to life. Oh.. and he can talk to dead people.

    The keyword here is city destroying super weapon... in the 1800's.  This weapon is never explained.  All you ever see of it is massive explosions and strange glowy remote-detonated orbs.   A lot of questions go unanswered here.  Fortunately it makes up for the story with some awesome action sequences.  Hell even the long winded talking parts have fights going on in the background.  Throw in a stray dog that randomly starts following Jonah halfway through and you got a reasonable movie going.

    If you want a mindless action movie, or if you are a fan of the comic, you might find something interesting here.  At the very least it is an entertaining movie.  Just don't watch it expecting to feel any other emotion than adrenaline.  Jonah doesn't exactly make any attempts at making the viewer like him.  

    Jonah Hex gets a 3/5 for proving that dogs are more interesting characters than cowboys.

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