• The Joneses

    When I first saw this movie sitting in our pre-street box, my first reaction was "oh boy.. another chick flick to fake knowing something about, how exciting!".  And for the past month or so I have done just that with the typical, "eh.. its kind of slow... why not try (insert chick flick #100 that everyone is recommending) instead?"  Well I finally sucked it up and watched it and was pleasantly surprised that "The Joneses" is in fact, not at all, a chick flick.

    The movie is about a family, but they are not actually related in any way.  They are employees in a company that sends out groups of trendsetters for stealth marketing.  Their job is to start fads up in their specific age groups, be it golfing in the middle aged male section, or the lipstick and perfume of the teenage girl demographic.

    It's rare to find a movie that is just so.. original.  It's awesome how they go about their daily fake lives, silently hinting at different products and services offered around their area.  Is this why I couldn't get enough of Pokemon cards and Beanie Babies as a kid?  Are these the same people pushing stupid animal shaped rubber bands on the current generation? 

    This movie is just altogether entertaining, and I highly recommend it. 

    The Joneses gets a 4/5 for making me second guess all of my past hobbies/friendships...

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