• Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

    I think everyone experiences frustration with laws and regulations at least a few times in their lives.  Our justice system isn't exactly foolproof, hell it has more holes than Swiss cheese that was recently shot by a scattergun.  This movie portrays the most extreme level of failure on the judicial systems part, and one mans quest to fix the wrong that was done to him.

    The story follows Clyde Shelton, a simple engineer who follows the laws to a T.  Then out of nowhere, a pair of robbers break into his home and kill/rape his wife and daughter... ouch.  Unfortunately for Clyde, he was knocked out during the robbery and not allowed to testify.  On top of this, the forensic investigation was screwed up, and one of the burglars escapes with only a breaking and entering charge.  Clyde is furious, and spends 10 long years cooking up a massive Rube Goldberg machine style revenge plan that is the basis of the entire movie.

    The acting really sets this one apart.  Gerard Butler does an excellent job of playing the cool, calculating Clyde as he completely slaughters everyone that wronged him.  The way the events play out is like one giant Final Destination chapter with each part leading to another.  It's fascinating how it all comes together.    The only negative is the ending, you can probably skip the last ~20 minutes and be much happier about the movie.

    This is definitely one to check out, if only for the crazy progression mechanics it employs.

    Law Abiding Citizen earns a 4/5

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