• Leaves of Grass (2009)

    This is another one of those completely unexpected, "don't judge a book by it's cover" movies.  It looks like it is going to be a straight up action movie with gun fights and car chases.  It actually turned out to be more of a drama, with a relatively unique plot.

    Leaves of Grass follows two twin brothers who have essentially disconnected from one another.  Born and raised in Oklahoma, one chooses a life of higher education and university life (Bill), while the other becomes a weed dealer (Brady).  Now I've never experienced the drug trade firsthand, but I'm pretty sure it's not the best career move, and Brady find that out the hard way.  He borrows 200,000 dollars to build a massive pot greenhouse but fails to pay it back, so he tricks his poor brother into coming back to the state that he absolutely hates and fill in for him twin-style, while he heads to Texas to "deal" with the situation.   Obviously this idiotic scheme doesn't go so well.

    This movie is a black comedy according to the DVD box, and I honestly thought that had everything to do with African Americans and nothing to do with the style of it.  I was actually surprised when Brady went from silly hillbilly who spends all his money and brain power on a giant pot farm with ingenious engineering and cultivating, to a cold hard criminal blowing peoples heads off.  That was one of the few "WTF?" moments I have had in a long time. 

    So If you want a reasonable drama/comedy(kind of) movie with a really interesting story, then this is probably one to pick up.  If you are a stoner looking for a crazy weed movie, then this might not be the best option.  If anything, it was definitely entertaining to see it all unfold. It can be a little bit slow at times, but it's still a solid choice.

    Leaves of Grass earns a 3/5 for making me even less likely to ignore lame movie covers. 

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