• Mirrors 2 (2010)

    You know yesterday when I said certain movies are scarier to some than others?  Well this is one of those movies that scared the crap out of me.  Something about crazy undead ghost women stalking people is just straight up creepy. 

    There isn't much to the story.  A guy named Max gets a job as a night watchmen at his fathers boutique, and as with most horror movies, he has been through a whole mess of psychological trauma.  So naturally, the crazy girl in the mirror trying to kill him is totally a figment of his imagination in everyone else's eyes.  The majority of the movie is Max trying to convince everyone that he is not batshit crazy.  That is pretty much it!

    But we don't watch horror movies for the story do we?  These movies are here to scare us!  As the title suggests, the majority of the horror in this one is accomplished through the use of mirrors.  It does get a bit old... especially if you have seen a ton of other movies that use mirrors.  It gets to a point where, if there is a mirror in the room, then you can pretty much assume something is going to happen.

    So if movies like "The Grudge" or "The Eye" scared you, then this is probably another one to add to the pile.  It follows the same scare tactics and formula that most of the higher budget films seem to fear straying away from.  It's definitely scary, no doubt about that.

    Mirrors gets a 3/5 for making something peaceful like a bathroom break, and turning it into a nerve-wracking experience every time I see my reflection.

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