• Night of the Demons (2009)

    Ahh.. Halloween... The magical time where all sorts of horror movies start popping up.  Some are serious business high budget ghost style films with tons of CGI, while others are trashy and ridiculous.  This one falls somewhere in the middle. 

    Right from the get go, Night at the Demons lets you know that it is not taking itself seriously with its heavy metal rock music and its slutty cat girl costumes.  Sure, its going to try to scare you, but at the same time its going to awe you with massive cleavage and a haunted house style halloween party with tons of drinking and sex all over the place.  When the cops shut down the booze filled extravaganza, things start to (kind of) take a turn for more horror oriented.  Seven young adults find themselves trapped in the house, and "all hell breaks loose" as the movie poster states.

    This is one of those that you pick up just to laugh at on Halloween.  It throws all sorts of ridiculous stuff at you.  Don't be surprised by the STD style demon disease that is being passed around, or the side effect of tentacle nipples once one acquires said illness.  Hell it even throws an all on undead demon threesome at you for a brief thirty seconds.

    I wouldn't call this a bad movie.  It knows its ridiculous, and capitalizes on it.  If you want a good Halloween party movie, this is perfect.  If you are looking for an ACTUAL horror movie, look elsewhere. 

    Night at the Demons earns a 3/5 for doing its part in keeping demons gross and gruesome, and throwing a kink in all those deviant art fan girls who try to turn them into the perfect significant other.

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