• Orphan (2009)

    Creepy little girl? Check... Lots of sudden events that make you jump? Check... Completely over the top twist? Yep!  Orphan is a horror movie (kind of)  that falls into the category of "realistic" horror.  This is where poltergeists and demons dare not venture; instead we meet genuinely creepy individuals whos primary goal is to be completely batshit insane, and in doing so, make you think that there just might be people out there that have the same inner thoughts and motives. 

    Orphan is about a nine year old girl named Esther, who is adopted by a well off couple with two other children.  The wife is currently recovering from some serious depression and alcoholism, so all of her credibility is thrown out the window when the proper, talented little girl they have taken in starts doing disturbing and destructive things around their quiet little abode.  Of course, Esther being the genius that she is, does these things in secrecy, usually framing others.

    The entire film follows sort of a shock style horror theme, designed to make you jump.  I wouldn't call it an actual scary movie, but it does employ the tactics used by most in this category, via mirrors and sudden camera shifts. This isn't necessarily a bad thing,  but don't expect to be afraid of the dark the next night after watching it.  It's still an excellent movie that even non horror fans could find something to enjoy in

    Orphan earns a 4/5 for reaffirming my belief that children are the essence of evil.

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