• Please Give (2010)

    I promised some people I would review at least one chick flick a week, and this just so happened to be the most recent one.  Sometimes these movies surprise me.  It's Complicated for example was pretty hilarious (and Date Night but I have been told that is in fact, not a chick flick).  Please Give didn't promise any comedy though, so I broke completely new ground with this one.  Fortunately it did include a grouchy old person, and nothing is funnier than a grouchy old person. 

    The story is very simple... almost too simple.  It literally is just the daily lives of a group of people living in an apartment building together.  You have your married couple who run a business on the bottom floor, with a wife who is completely obsessed with saving the world and helping those in need, and a husband who is going through a mid life crisis and sleeping with the hot skin care specialist next door.  The skincare specialist has a grandmother who is nearing death, and just happens to be in apartment that the couple mentioned above wants to buy out and renovate. 

    I'll be honest, I don't know much about this genre.  Hopefully over time I will pickup on more.  I guess it does explore a lot of different human emotions.  They have their greedy little girl who completely flips out on her mother over a pair of 300 dollar jeans... The mother who feels guilty about absolutely everything yet holds a sales job where she runs around and rips people off.  The cancer obsessed skin care specialist who uses tanning beds because the sun is WAY too dangerous in comparison.

    The whole thing sounds like a mess doesn't it?  But it's way more down to earth than that. 

    Anyway the movie was solid, I admit that.  Good acting, reasonably good every day story.  There wasn't anything completely amazing about it that a hundred movies before it haven't already accomplished.

    Please Give gets a 3/5 for being a gateway drug to future chick flicks (kind of).

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