• Sorry about the lack of updates!

    I have been crazy busy, and ended up with what I thought was pink eye so I skipped Saturday and Sunday of work (meaning I rented 3/10 of my weekly rentals last week).  Luckily it was not pink eye, and I have already stocked 9 new movies to review for the weekend/early next week.

    Here is what to expect..

    1) The Jonses- No clue on this one! Rollin the dice!
    2) Dorian Gray- Looks like a vampire movie? No clue
    3) It's Complicated- chick flick of the week
    4) Diary of A Whimpy Kid
    5) Ironman 2- Yah I know, way late.  But I wanted to do a review of the DVD release and compare it to the theater like I did with How To Train Your Dragon.
    6) Attack on Darfur (pre street) Releases next week
    7)  Winters Bone (pre street 2)
    8) Survival of the Dead
    9) Legendary

    My final rental was Dead Rising 2.  Sorry, I gotta game some time!

    And on that note I am resubbing my WoW account.  It's probably a terrible idea but I miss having an MMO to grind away in and Minecraft can only go so far.   

    Anyway if you have any suggestions for next week, let me know!  Chances are 5/10 slots will be filled (lots of awesome pre-street coming out next week) but the rest is stuff I haven't bothered with yet.

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