• Survival of the Dead (2010)

    Zombie movies are a dime a dozen.  They take place in just about every setting, from New York, to giant under ground laboratories.  Survival of the Dead doesn't veer off from that heavily paved path. It sticks to it's roots like some kind of industrial super glue.

    The story is simple.  An island off the coast of Delaware is home to two feuding families.  With the sudden rise in undead pests, they end up squaring off on what the correct moral choice is in dealing with the situation.  One side says they can be saved, and chaining them  up until a cure is found is the correct course of action, while the other wants to wipe them out before more appear.  Unfortunately, the leader of choice number two is voted off the island, and you can probably imagine what happens next.

    That's a pretty deep situation isn't it?  Would you follow the norm and wipe out the zombies?  Or would you keep them as pets?  I happen to be an expert in this very likely situation thanks to years research.  The tiniest genetic defect can set off a chain reaction that litters the entire world with the undead, and because of this we must always be vigilant.  There is only one way to deal with zombies, and it has absolutely nothing to do with keeping them alive.  They cannot be contained! Even at a two miles per hour walking speed, they WILL find a way.  My preferred weapon of choice is a longsword.  This fine blade has no bullets, and crafted with high quality steel will outlast any katana or baseball bat.

    So the next time you decide to run a zombie-hunting game show, or keep one as a pet, please reconsider.  Zombies are notorious escape artists, and just a single zombie tricking an old lady can escalate into a full on apocalypse. 

    This has been a public service announcement from Rent a Movie™ (also 3/5 for being average)

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