• Temple Grandin (2010)

    Someone needs to fire whoever created this completely unappealing movie cover, I don't think I have ever seen one so boring looking.  I have said it before though, you really can't judge a movie by the cover, and after people kept telling me to check this one out, I sucked it up and did it.  For the record, this is my check flick of the week. 

    Temple Grandin follows the story of... Temple Grandin.  Why they couldn't think of something clever like "The Rainman" for an autism movie is beyond me, but if they are in the same department as the art team, then it isn't too surprising.  Uglyness aside, the story is actually really interesting.  A girl who was essentially sentenced to uselessness at the age of four, is instead pushed by her mother to go through high school and college like a normal kid.  Temple learns to cope with her mental issues using techniques of her own design, and comes out with an amazing talent for engineering and architecture. 

    This is definitely one to pick up if you like a good story.  With not a gun in sight, it keeps even an action movie buff like myself completely focused; which really is a testament to how well it was written! It can be a little bit awkward at times listening to Claire Danes teeter on the edge of "full retard" (lol tropic thunder), but overall its an excellent movie. 

    Temple Grandin earns a 4/5

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