• Toy Story 3 (2010)

    For how big of a film this one was, It definitely fell under my radar.  I see pretty much every CGI movie in the theaters.  This is one of the few that I somehow managed to miss completely.  Luckily Toy Story 3 on Blu-ray(Is that supposed to be capitalized?) didn't disappoint in the slightest!

    Andy has grown up, and unfortunately for our favorite cast of misfit toys, this means the end of their fun loving careers.  Now before you jump up and shout "GOD DAMN IT PIXAR WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO BE SO SAD!", this one manages to surprise you by being light in the drama.  A mixup has the entire crew being tossed into a trash bag and donated to a nearby day care where they meet a whole mess of new toys; including a giant "friendly" pink teddy-bear.  I bet you can guess who the villain of the story is. 

    The animation has really improved dramatically.  Facial features and general flow of the characters is top notch.  I watched the first one immediately after, and noticed a huge difference.  Another thing that impressed me was the sheer scale of the cast of characters.  The movie is littered with all sorts of different toys, ranging from Totoro (from "My Neighbor Totoro) to talking telephones with wheels.   They really went all out on this one.  Usually as any series hits it's third film, it starts to die down some, but Toy Story 3 leaves the gate full steam ahead.

    If you enjoy CGI films even in the slightest, this is a must see. I hate to sound biased by having 2 of these up in the top bracket, but they are usually so well done with such original themes, its hard not to.  At least "How To Train your Dragon" was made by a different company!

    Toy Story 3 gets a 5/5 for showing that even a 15 year old series can still be as entertaining as the day it was released.

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