• Winters Bone (2010)

    I actually picked this up hoping it was a horror movie.  There are surprisingly few coming out considering how close it is to Halloween.  It promised "thriller" on the box so I was at least expecting that! But thrills was the exact opposite of what I experienced.  I'm sure it has all sorts of deep underlying themes that I failed to pick up on.  I am no Shakespearean English major though, and this is a blog for the average movie watcher, so I doubt others would find anything either! 

    Winters Bone is a drama in every sense.  A father ditched his daughter with the responsibility of raising her two siblings and went on the run from the law for cooking crack in his barn out back.  On top of this, he is required for a court date and not showing up means the family loses the house to the law.  So the movie essentially revolves around locating the worlds greatest dad and discovering all sorts of nasty secrets about the nearby drug trade loving yokels. 

    I honestly fell asleep the night I turned this on.  It is probably one of the slowest movies ever, then add on that southern speaking style of talking at a snails pace, and you got yourself some non-addictive sleeping medication.  It sort of has that vibe that most movies down south have, and I'm sure I will get no end of shit for this when it ends up a classic (its a 7.9 on imdb, go figure).  This really is the reason I created the blog in the first place.  I never agree with critics.  I really just don't like these style movies.  I ended up completing it, but barely. 

    I'm giving Winters Bone a 2/5.  There are much better slow movies out there.

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